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Punk N Pyes'

Handmade from premium natural non-GMO ingredients
*7oz Bag - oven baked treats
*no preservatives, nothing artificial
*made and sourced in the USA

Nutty Pumpkins
A Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Treat
*organic brown rice flour, organic oat flour, organic pumpkin, organic peanut butter, whole eggs, raw honey, cinnamon, sea salt
*peanut butter made from only peanuts and salt

Yammin' Apples
A Sweet Potato and Apple Treat
*organic brown rice flour, organic oat flour, organic sweet potatoes, organic apples, whole eggs, cane molasses, cinnamon, sea salt
*organic sweet potatoes
*organic Washington State apples

Gone Fishin'
A Salmon and Carrot Treat
*organic brown rice flour, organic garbanzo bean flour, salmon, organic carrots, cream cheese, whole eggs, cane molasses, sea salt
*oven baked treats
*wild caught Alaskan salmon
*no meal, no by-products

Einstein Pb’N Jelly Time

Ingredients: Oat Flour, Peanut Butter, Blueberries, and Chia Seed. Wow! Small Batched Original Recipes Natural Organic Ingredients Sourced and Made in the USA Low-Calorie Treat Wheat, Corn, and Soy-Free Infused with the Superfood Chia Seed No Chemicals, Sugar, Salt, Artificial Flavors, Colors, Fillers, and Preservatives.
Made in United States of America

Grandma Lucy's Tuna

Made With The Highest Quality Usda Inspected And Approved Ingredients
Yellowfin Tuna Filets
Hormone And Antibiotic-Free
No By-Products Or Preservatives
Made in USA

Grandma Lucy's Sweet Potato

These grain-free dog treats use highest quality ingredients and contain no by products, GMO’s or preservatives to ensure pets health
Made from 100% sweet potatoes and contain no artificial colors or sweeteners
Delicious vegetarian treats are perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes, and ideal for traveling and training
Freeze-dried to removes 92% water for lightweight, compact and shelf-stable treats
Made in USA